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Revolutionizing the Fragrance Industry

Incenses that evoke divinity and serenity for a spiritual experience, every time.

Since the inception in 1957, Balaji prides on delivering soothing, pleasing aromas made with quality products consistently. Our intricate fragrances tease your nose when lit, engulf you in warmth and comfort while burning and leave heavenly aromas long after the ash has hit the ground.

At Balaji, handpicked ingredients are meticulously formulated and handcrafted into a premium product that is assured to bring blissfulness to our ever-expanding clientele. Having over 500 products in different segments like Incense Sticks, Dry Dhoop Sticks, Wet Dhoop Sticks, Sambrani Cups, Tikka Powders, Roll-on Perfumes and Soaps.

What started as a small establishment has become a household name in over 30 countries, which is a testament to our quality and a concrete step to achieving our vision to provide premium quality fragrances at an affordable price to every home.

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What makes Balaji stand out from its competitors?


Premium quality ingredients

Balaji's products are produced with the best materials and have a relaxing and appealing aroma from a variety of fragrances. The use of fragrance-lock technology in the packaging results in retaining the scent of our products.


Diverse Applications

The enticing aroma of our products is well-suited for usage in all Indian households, where daily prayers and puja are performed. The subtle, lasting scent of our incense products assists in creating a pleasant environment that is ideal for any religious activity such as daily morning or evening pujas, aartis, and more.


Providing livelihood to many rural families

More than 70% of the workforce at Balaji are highly efficient rural women. Our employees are treated with utmost respect and dignity. Our employees are the backbone of our successful running for the past few decades.


Successful operations

Balaji Agarbatti Company is a partnership firm with rich experience in the incense business. We produce high-quality incense with our deep sourcing networks by choosing the best quality raw materials directly from the source. Our products are sold in almost all major towns and cities in India. Apart from this, we are successfully exporting our products to more than 30 countries in the world.

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