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Dhoop has been a traditional method of incense in the Indian subcontinent for centuries. Balaji’s high quality dhoop has a way to permeate into every nook and corner easily and rapidly, leaving the entire area fragrant. Long lasting fragrances ensure the effects linger even hours after using them.

  • Best in class quality
  • From Rs. 10-105, a wide range for the loyals and first timers
  • Bamboo free for quality incense
  • Manufactured with Advanced technology
  • Traditional and modern fragrances


Collection Dhoop - Fancy
Collection Dhoop - Kewda
Collection Dhoop - Lavender
Collection Dhoop - Mogra
Collection Dhoop - Rajnigandha
Collection Dhoop - Rose
Collection Dhoop - Sandal
Garden Dhoop 60 Gms
Lavender Dhoop - 60 Gms
Paradise Dhoop - Zipper Pack
Rose Dhoop - 60 Gms
Rose Dhoop - Zipper Pack
Royal Sandalwood
Saffron Dhoop 60 Gms
Sandal Dhoop - 60 Gms
Thick Dhoop - Arabian Rose
Thick Dhoop - Australian Sandal
Thick Dhoop - Kasturi
Thick Dhoop - Kewda

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