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The most traditional among incenses, wet dhoop predates every other incense known to us. Usually natural and flexible to use, it lends to a soothing experience when lit. Balaji wet dhoop pays homage to the traditional recipes by retaining the natural ingredients and fragrances whilst using the advancements of modern science to enhance it.

  • Air purification, soothing and medicinal benefits
  • Wide range of fragrances
  • Made using the finest, premium, and purest ingredients
  • High quality product due to ingredients and careful manufacturing process
  • Traditional, mellow aromas bring a warmth to the area


40gm Chandan
40gm Fantasia
40gm Guggal
40gm Gulab
40gm Loban
Wet Dhoop - Balaji 3 in 1
Wet Dhoop - Holiday
Wet Dhoop - Journey
Wet Dhoop - Long Champ
Wet Dhoop - Marigold
Zipper Dhoop - Chandan
Zipper Dhoop - Guggal
Zipper Dhoop - Gulab
Zipper Dhoop - Mogra

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